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36 Replies to “Caption this”

  1. Kazi Zahid Rifat says:

    He is a Tiger 🙄🙄 i am a snake 🤣🤣

  2. আব্দুল্লাহ আল জেহাদ says:

    out ☝

  3. Ryhan Ahmed says:

    Covid-19 vs Mankind

  4. Boitumelo Percy says:

    Best captain ever Graeme smith

  5. Dawood Achakzai says:

    what a Yorker

  6. Failboy Rokon says:

    Aaaaaa aaaaaa out jettttt

  7. খলিলুর রহমান মাসুম says:

    Help. Help. Help.
    He needs help.

  8. John R. Palmer says:


  9. Monir Hossain says:

    It was Yorker ball then appeal for LBW😜😜

  10. Ashish Gill says:

    Just an appeal for lbw…..

  11. Animesh Das says:

    Matthew Hoggard, is it?

  12. Ghulam Mujtaba Ghumman says:

    Batsman to empire: “you will see a hole in pitch if you call me out”

  13. Md Abu Saied says:

    Someone call the doctor…

  14. Mohammad Shahbaz Sarkani says:

    Someone please come to push the earth… 😂

  15. Anushka Rathnasooriya says:

    Come on hoggy… stop that nonsense.. It pitched right here miles outside leg!!

  16. George Stanisich says:

    Yea right can’t you see I’m halfway down the Pitch.

  17. Ali Abbasi says:

    batsman kay lye : Haye garmi

  18. Makhdoom Ahmed says:

    Inne diya hun ki jaan ly ga bachy di 🙄🙄

  19. RaaHil KhAan says:

    ICC bachy stam rha tang de.
    Chy sa pa makha darze pacebook ki ye fost ki

  20. SyEd Ali Raza Shah says:

    No sportsman spirit

  21. Anik Hossen says:

    Umpire sir you are my last hope 😅

  22. Md RaYhAn AkAsH says:

    Which match is it???

  23. Abdur Rauf says:

    Haggard: shouting get us out of here,

  24. Pramit Maity says:

    Love from India 🇮🇳

  25. Aminul Kabir says:

    Matthew hoggard and dwon there Grame smith

  26. both r awaiting recieving decission..

  27. Calvin Pietersen says:

    Mr Dharmasena, why the hell does he swim in the pitch!

  28. පිනෝමිනල් ඒජේ ස්ටයිල්ස් says:

    Alligator watching his prey

  29. Sameer Baba says:

    I don’t understand why he is sitting i will not play cricket….

  30. Pawan Kumar says:


  31. Jitesh Pandey says:

    I beg you please… dont raise the finger.

  32. Roy Arghya says:

    plumb in front (literally)

  33. Tanmay Jain says:

    You should caption this , why would we do it for you 😂😂😂😂

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