OUT or NOT OUT 🤔 What is your name?


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30 Replies to “OUT or NOT OUT”

  1. Nayem Khan says:

    100% Sure It’s Out

  2. Prashant Dohrey says:

    Out… Foot was on the ground but outside line👆

  3. Gaurav Sharma says:

    It’s definitely going to be out

  4. James Gwydir says:

    Gone! Tell your story walking champ

  5. Abhijit Pradhan says:

    Yes it is out…

  6. Abhinandan Jalal says:

    How’s that,it’s out bro

  7. Mirza Dani says:

    Outttttttttt foot was on the air..

  8. Katrina Bates says:

    GOOOOONE! Out all day and half of tomorrow.

  9. Suvroo Dev Shuvo says:

    OUT!! Good work by the wicketkeeper

  10. Mati Khan says:

    OUT…Foot is in the air

  11. Amit Jagtap says:

    It’s Out Good work by keeper

  12. Ashfaq Hussain says:

    This seems Out in real time footage.

  13. Nikita Malviya says:

    I think it’s Out ☝️

  14. Yuvraj Singh says:

    Not out bcse wicketkeeper stump ahead from the wicket

  15. Jai Sharma says:

    Out ,no doubt is there.

  16. Ranga Jack says:

    That’s out…Foot are on the line…

  17. Samrat Banerjee says:

    Out foot was in the air

  18. Jake Smith says:

    Out. No part of the foot is behind the line. Smart wicket-keeping

  19. Vijay Jashotani says:

    Out foot was online rules are something behind the line

  20. Prasad Anumala says:

    Out foot was in the air

  21. Sankhadeep Kanrar says:

    I think that will be a dead ball …. Even 3rd umpire would be confused to give his decission … So that will be a no ball.

  22. Fahim Miazi says:

    Not Out.
    I have seen it pausing this video that foot was inside before bells off

  23. Nirakar Mishra says:

    Out by margin…..foot is in the air

  24. Hridoy Dewan says:

    ask to corona virus. *She can give u perfect answer.

  25. Hasin Irtiza says:

    That’s out.
    Because the back foot didn’t land inside the line in the first attempt🤔.

  26. Zeb Connors says:

    Gloves in front of the stumps when taking bails off not out

  27. Milind Patare says:

    It is out. But umpire was not in mood to give him out.

  28. Rithikk Sandron says:

    Out only batsman slightly struggle before that excellent work by wicket keeper

  29. Muhammad Waseem says:

    I think it’s not out. Because its looks 50 50 these like decision goes to batsman favor

  30. Ganesh MK says:

    Legal Delivery and It’s Out…

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