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5 Replies to “Who else is taking a look ahead to observing reside cricket once more?”

  1. Richard Brooks says:

    Indonesia229,000,000273,523,61587.20%12.70%Pakistan200,400,000220,892,34096.50%11.10%India195,000,0001,380,004,38514.20%10.90%Bangladesh153,700,000164,689,38390.40%9.20%Nigeria99,000,000206,139,58949.60%5.30%Egypt87,500,000102,334,40492.35%4.90%Iran82,500,00083,992,94999.40%4.60%Turkey79,850,00084,339,06799.20%4.60%Algeria41,240,91343,851,04499.00%2.70%Sudan39,585,77743,849,26097.00%1.90%Iraq38,465,86440,222,49395.70%1.90%Morocco37,930,98936,910,56099.00%2.00%Ethiopia35,600,000114,963,58833.90%1.80%Afghanistan34,836,01438,928,34699.60%1.80%Saudi Arabia31,878,00034,813,87197.10%1.60%China28,127,5001,439,323,7761.73%1.60%

  2. Mohson Rasool says:

    Giles need to shut it, he is a fool.World is at a cross road and he is thinking of getting out there.Just today over 1000 people have died in the UK.This is beyond folly.No respect no charisma no morals devoid of any sense.Their should be no cricket this year and we should spend time mourning those who have lost loved ones to this evil virus.These people privately educated yet this stupid.

  3. Rafi Oshin says:

    Miss those days ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  4. Ganesh Prasad Koirala says:

    Giles closed door is boring cricket. We can’t feel same energy from players too and game is slow once ball goes into the stand.

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