2007 ICC Males’s T20 International Cup: India v Pakistan: The Bowl-Out

India and Pakistan performed out an exciting tie in a gaggle conflict in Durban on the T20 International Cup 2007. For the one time in an ICC tournament, a bowl-out was once used to resolve the winner, watch it in complete right here.


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27 Replies to “2007 ICC Males’s T20 International Cup: India v Pakistan: The Bowl-Out”

  1. आशुतोष सिंह says:

    Embarrassing One the most reputed bowling on world couldn’t hit on stumps.

  2. Bilonia Himanshu says:

    Sarthak Upasani this was comedy gold lmao

    Pakistan used 3 bowlers, India used 2 part time bowlers yet didn’t miss

  3. Joyce Bonowary says:

    It seems like fixing game..

  4. Simha Teja Reddy Savva says:

    These matches really giving goosebumps

  5. Reman Pandey says:

    Won’t miss this epic game💪

  6. Yousuf Hanif says:

    Indian team is far better than these chootyas

  7. Tejash Solanki says:

    I think there might be fixing ..but it is only my opinion nothing professional..

  8. Shah Sufian Chowdhury says:

    If you use Spin bowler you would be winner.so the tactic was important to use spin first

  9. Mohammad Moursad says:

    My question to you is do you just want to know that India West Indies Pakistan Australia England manage their game or do the rest of the teams manage the game …?

  10. Abhishek Agarwal says:

    Watching it with the same josh as I was 13 years ago..
    What a sight it was for we Indians
    Pakistan proved they were duck..

  11. Nikhil Vadhia says:

    Even if it’s super over Pakistan can’t win🙃

  12. Krish Arjoonsingh says:

    This is really Cricket?? Bowl out!! ICC disgrace to the Spirit of the game .

  13. Abhishek Upadhyay says:

    Look att yuvis expression when sehwag hits 😘

  14. Maan Singh says:

    Uthappa was my fav. It was an epic #BowlOut match. But I sometimes feel that Pakistan lost this one on purpose — “BOWLOUT”(Match Fixing you could say). I mean who bowls that bad?

  15. Shahriar Ahmed says:

    Bowl out decision in cricket was the most funniest decision. Thanks Icc that they changed their plan to super over

  16. Saqib Ghafoor says:

    That bowl out method was nothing more than a joke…

  17. Kiran Dond Patil says:

    Saw this whole tournament live – feels lucky to be part of it.

  18. Shahbaz Ahmed says:

    East & west India is best

  19. Chirayu Patel says:

    They should have done this for the World Cup between Eng and New Zealand😅

  20. Sivachandran Dhanakodi says:

    Msd standing is impact of the victory

  21. Dipendra Raj Dhakal says:

    What a match it was! #flashback is just awesome

  22. Parabi Hasan Parvez says:

    One thing I noticed while bowling was the Indian wicket keeper standing straight on the stumps to make it easier to hunt. But the Pakistani wicketkeeper stood outside the stump.

  23. Binoy Kumar says:

    Dhoni was keeping very close to the stumps that allowed all bowlers to aim perfectly…

  24. Sachintha Saputhanthrige Don says:

    The most ridiculous thing happened in cricket. ICC’s attempt to footballize the game.

  25. Shahrukh Sulehri says:

    Bad luck for Pakistan,
    Misbah didn’t handle the pressure at the end in both games.

  26. Sohail Nassir says:

    Super over is best tie breaker as overall cricket is assessed rather than just hitting the wicket like ones back garden

  27. Siyad C S says:

    MSD is brilliant.. because he used slow bowlers and select very good position for keeping behind the stumps..

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