Gary Wilson stumping

We requested you a while again, whether or not this was once out or no longer. It was once OUT! What number of of you were given it proper? ✅


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37 Replies to “Gary Wilson stumping”

  1. Uthuman Mohamed Ajmal says:

    Out 100%

  2. Zeeshan Khan says:

    I said out in previous post

  3. Rajkamal Rai says:

    Not out stumping not from behind tje stumps

  4. Shahajahan Alam Shahajahan says:

    out 100%

  5. Ritesh Reds Ċhhetri says:

    Only a blind would say not out.

  6. Imran Ansari says:

    I knewd.. I tell you that’s was foot on the line

  7. Jahid Hasan Susmoy says:

    It’s Out, no doubt about this

  8. Atif Mehmood says:

    Right answer it’s out
    my decision is out

  9. Ian Staples says:

    The line belongs to the fielding side. His foot had to be behind the line to have been not out. So out.

  10. Kashif Riaz says:

    I must stand with my original decision and It’s Out..

  11. Only fools will say he is out ..
    ..the call is Not out… Coz when the keeper catches the ball behind he wicket, till then the leg of batsman was inside the crease. But if not, then he also he is not out… The keeper’s hand is beyond the stumps…

  12. জাহিদ হাসান says:

    100% out

  13. Anu Murukesh says:

    😀 i am right its out

  14. Rajib Khan Durjoy says:

    Out 100%%%

  15. Tanvir Rakan says:

    I said Out
    And it is

  16. Kazi Sharif says:

    Outttt but if he is not an Indian

  17. Rähïdul Ïßläm Räjü says:

    Right answer is a out

  18. Muhammad Kamrul Hasan says:

    out… No doubt

  19. Fahad Hassan says:

    Nothing behind the line

  20. Karan Khaneja says:

    It’s definitely out

  21. Asif Gujjar says:

    I think not out .

  22. Junaid Ahsan says:

    I had predicted right

  23. Ram Kumar says:

    waitin for u r next…guess the player..

  24. Navin Kumar says:

    Its sure out..bails off & batsman has not reached grease

  25. Abu Huraira says:

    Its absolutely OUT

  26. Hamza Malik says:

    Yes, I was right…

  27. Muhammad Bilal Maher says:

    It was Out no doubt in it.

  28. Not out according to new rules .

  29. Havoc Hisan Vfc says:

    no…! its not out…
    pls see offside view…

  30. Dony Basil Dsouza says:

    I am right out no doubt….

  31. Manazir Islam Sohag says:

    It’s an easy thing to answer that it’s out

  32. Jehanzeb Khan Mohmand says:

    It’s out clearly

  33. फूल कुमार दूबे says:

    My decesion was out 😍😍

  34. Mainul Shakib says:

    Yes. My call was right.

  35. Kiccha Pavan says:

    It is easy desicion its out

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