Maximum global runs since January 2017: Virat Kohli ➔ 8,465 @ 63.17 Rohit …

Maximum global runs since January 2017: 🇮🇳 Virat Kohli ➔ 8,465 @ 63.17 🇮🇳 Rohit Sharma ➔ 6,350 @ 54.27 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Joe Root ➔ 6,203 @ 48.08 🇵🇰 Babar Azam ➔ 5,387 @ 51.30 🇳🇿 Ross Taylor ➔ 4,801 @ 51.07


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26 Replies to “Maximum global runs since January 2017: Virat Kohli ➔ 8,465 @ 63.17 Rohit …”

  1. Hasan Raza Qazi says:

    No.Doubt King in.the world
    but rest of.the others is also having a huge numbers of.respect and fans
    all the batsman are Heroes no.matter what is.the average 💟

  2. Sumit Sarkar says:

    Now I can understand that why number of doctors or engineers are so less in our west sider neighbor country. Because most of them doesn’t know what is average😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Subrata Ghose says:

    The reason for that much difference in terms of runs is only because of the fact that Virat played test cricket since 2017

  4. Umar Waqas says:

    And also mention how many matches played by every these individual

  5. Zain Majid says:

    Number of matches played?

  6. Ajith Ram says:

    Rohit.. Even though played very less test matches 😎

  7. Azizul Hakim Tahsin says:

    India has played more matches than other countries

  8. Arshad Abbas Julia says:

    Baber did all out of home ground and the rest have included their big contributions from home

  9. Aaron James Hannah says:

    Only because Steve Smith missed a whole year otherwise he would be in this list. 💚💛

  10. Abdullah Ahmad says:

    Among them all Ross Taylor is the most underrated!

  11. Basit Khan Joiya says:

    Kohli is a big big player. I respect him. But why he failed to perform in bigger events. He failed to score runs in semifinals, finals etc.

  12. Faisal Khan Hotak says:

    Kholi is the best don’t compare him with baber and root jut see stats and his average he is far better than babar love him from afg

  13. ZuBair MaLik says:

    U also need to upload how many matches have these players played.Obviously every body know kohli n Rohit have played more matches then others lol

  14. Utkarsh Sharma says:

    It doesn’t reflect reality, Kohli generally didnt score when it mattered the most.

  15. Javid Anwar says:

    Virat Kohli
    Babar Azam
    Rohit Sharma
    Shai Hope
    Top Batsman in world right now.

  16. Nazar Hussain Memon says:

    This is big question also babar is less matches then others

  17. Abdunnasir Arincheery says:


  18. Sudhanshu Keshri says:

    Babar azam is a good player but it is too early to compare him to legends like Kohli and Rohit. He needs to play like this for next 5-6 years from now.

  19. Javaid Ganaie says:

    Babar azam is a fantastic player among allt these beocz he plays all the matches away from his home soil….r u agree with that…

  20. Asad Ullah says:

    India played their almost all matches in home, that’s the reason Kohli and Rohit are on No 1. And Babar played their all matches at outside from home so in my view babar is king.

  21. Arun Kumar M Kumar says:

    Kohli on top as expected no 1 can be no 1 until kohli retire and Taylor is most under rated cricketer Rohit is 2nd best after Kohli India is lucky to have both at the same time babar improving day by day

  22. Pradumnya Chakraborty says:

    Kohli is light-years ahead of the other 4 batsman. But I am very happy to see that top two players are from my country.

  23. ঈশিতা জাহান ঊর্মি says:

    Virat kohli is the number 1 Batsman in the world.

  24. Jintu Kalita says:

    Barbar is the best of the world cricket….his average was fantastic against Zimbabwe and Uganda,Nepal🤣

  25. Rince P Raj says:

    Rohith sharma 95% runs taken.from ODI and T20… compared to others ,rohith sharma was played only few tests…. so most destructive batsman is Rohith sharma. ..

  26. Aftab Amin Suleman says:

    One must play more matches to improve averages and obviously increase the number of runs they score. This is difficult for some teams given the current politics being played in this sport.

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