#OnThisDay in 2004, Brian Lara slammed a record-beating 400* in opposition to England in …

#OnThisDay in 2004, Brian Lara slammed a record-beating 400* in opposition to England in St John’s 💥 It stays the highest-ever particular person rating in Assessments. An atypical knock by means of an atypical cricketer 🙌


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33 Replies to “#OnThisDay in 2004, Brian Lara slammed a record-beating 400* in opposition to England in …”

  1. Sharath Yuvi says:

    One day kusal mendis break this lara record 😊 Note it 😀Tiron Raj Pradhap Ultmate

  2. K.M. Fahad says:

    The legend of test cricket history 🏏

  3. Sayma Mou says:

    Legendary Batsman Of West Indies.Love And Respect From🇧🇩🇧🇩

  4. Sadaf Iqbal says:

    Now only memories
    Missing cricket 😶😶

  5. Er Brajesh Baghel says:

    Who will break lara’s record? Waiting for that day?

  6. Sushrutha HS says:

    If dravid is given 5 days he would have also made 500*

  7. Mayank Singh says:

    Still remember watching late night.
    Brain charles lara.

  8. Faraz Mehdi Memon says:

    Rohit sharma or David warner Will May be break this record

  9. Shehan Nethsara says:

    Only one world great man❤️

  10. Pavan Kumar says:

    One of the best selfish knock in cricket history

  11. Leo Ibu Afridi says:

    Missing record boy legend #BrianLara😍😢

  12. Brenzo Mzwandile Magagula says:

    The best to ever hold a bat

  13. Zubair Khan says:

    One of the greatest lengendery my favourite player..

  14. Aloke Saha says:

    The best leftie ever produced by world

  15. Acha Pangia Dolo says:

    Only HITMAN could break this record

  16. Sadman Sadat says:

    Virat kohli, Steven Smith or Marnus Labuchange will break this record soon.

  17. सुदीप पोख्रेल says:


  18. Mugil Raj says:

    But west Indies cant win the match..and lots of criticism came on this knock….but record remains..till date

  19. Neeraj Kumar says:

    Legends are born to be shine forever!

  20. Shuja Uddin says:

    Reclaimed #Lara Back to Back

  21. Supun Karunathilaka says:

    Kusal mendis will break this record.

  22. Samar Abbas says:

    Lara Brain me Record break Will soon by. #Umar-akmal..😎

  23. Abhishek Bohara says:

    GOAT respect from the country of mt everest n lord buddha NEPAL

  24. Mujeeb Mahesar says:

    Wasting 4 days not even looking for teams performance and victory. What a knock

  25. Abraham Jarvis says:

    Hashim Amla was once deprived from scoring a record breaking 200 or 300. Graeme Smith was the captain then

  26. Pradumnya Chakraborty says:

    The legend ……only respect and love for you sir from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  27. Shah Tejendra says:

    I watched this live back in 2004.It was fantastic innings

  28. Dinesh Kumar says:

    Lord sabbir will break this record as soon as the lockdown ends.

  29. Hemanth Uppar says:

    I believe, this record will stay for long long time…

  30. Greatest of all Modern time players (after 90’s)

  31. Billal Hossain says:

    One an only great #Legend

  32. Keith A. Hill says:

    Never had a chance to see Brian Lara bat in person but what a talent he was will always be in my top ten along side Gary Sobers 🏏🏏🏏

  33. Shailesh Kumar Dinkar says:

    Amazing record by Legend.

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