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36 Replies to “Which present cricketer do you suppose can destroy Brian Lara’s file of four⃣0…”

  1. Md. Istiaque Ahmed Sakib says:

    I think there is no current cricketer and nearly future cricketer can broke this record❤ But Some Cricketer have great ability🔥I think One cricketer who broke this record named David warner . last year he played 334 Not out vs Pakistan and gets him 1st player to scored triple century in Adelaide Oval🔥 also broke the Don bradman record after long years ago.So, Only David warner can broke this record🔥❤

  2. Raahim Luqman says:

    Smith,Babar,Warner and Abid ali

  3. Durga Vara Prasad Modalavalasa says:

    Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli and stive smith

  4. Mian Abdul Qadir says:

    Sir Don Umar Bradman Akmal. Only if he comes back.
    Mark my words 😉

  5. Rashidul Haque Shamul says:

    Prithibi show (india) only one who can brock this record

  6. اسامہ محمد says:

    No one…. even 300 is also very difficult now… cricket now is totally changed….

  7. Mohsin Jamali says:

    Warner , sharjeel Khan and rohit sharma can broke this record

  8. Kashif Ali says:

    Any one who has temprament to stay on wicket rohit is best in this field

  9. Pasan Wijayawardana says:

    In this modern cricket very short test innings playing therefore I don’t think any player break this record

  10. Ali Malik says:

    I think warner ‘coz he is a brilliant player and during match after few over he can see ball as a football😂

  11. Ashwin Kushwaha says:

    Now we don’t want same pitch where maximum match ends up draw . Now a days batsman plays fast and want to win the match .

  12. Samir Khan says:

    No one…the record is immortal and will remain forever to my only best…the best of the very best…Brian Charles Lara 🏏

  13. Mothomogolo Obed says:

    You need a good batting team around you. David Warner scores quickly and Rohit Sharma are my bet

  14. JuDe LaKmal Perera says:

    Unbreakable Record inning in Test 400
    Brian charls Lara

  15. Ishmam Siddique says:

    It will come from an unexpected player .

  16. Soumik Talukder says:

    Warner could do it and there are also other australian but due to there level of respect they Won’t be able tp reach 400 because they will always declare

  17. Manjunath Paled says:

    In this T20 era it is highly difficult. We can evident this from test matches ending less than four days

  18. Kaleem Ullah says:

    Rohit Sharma and virat kholi…if match played b/w India and Zimbabwe in India ….b/c India team is king side in there own soil.

  19. Warner was closed to break it

  20. Shahriar Ahmed says:

    Now a days player just forgot to play test cricket with patience so it’s really difficult to break his record. So Lara is the perfect person of this record

  21. Abir Hassan says:

    Tamim iqbal who is a hardworking batsman. Ha can play dot after dot and when needed he can hit you down town for maximum

  22. Amit Bachani says:

    No one ! If the test matches still continues to end in just 3-4 days , then it’s not possible at all !

  23. Muhammad Chohan says:

    No any current player could break Sir Lara’s record. Because players are suffering from stamina, energy, etc due to league cricket.

  24. Sofiul Alom Antor says:

    Truly speaking lots of player have that ability. I can menton some name- Rohit, Kohli, Wilhamson, Tamim, Mushfiqur, Warner, Smith, Babar Azam, Root, etc etc

  25. Hassan Kumail Rizvi says:

    Although it is difficult today considering more t20s and odis but I think steve smith has the patience, temperament and skills to pull this off!

  26. Mahfuz Mahfuzur Rahman says:

    Only Shakib All Hasan can broke this record. 💪💙

  27. Md Anisur Rahman says:

    In test i think Steven Smith has the ability to do this.

  28. Sahin Islam says:

    Present days no one can break lara’s 400*. Although smith and Kohli are creative and hardworking player but them great can’t

  29. Tanveer Ahmad says:

    Babar, Smith, Warner, and kohili. Lubechanne May be. Statistics shows Rohit is not as good with Red ball to do this uphill task.

  30. Muhammad Waseem says:

    No one to even touch this great batsman record. Currently batsman are also very classy but no temperament to break this record. Old is gold… I love great lara, tendulkar and ricky ponting.

  31. Zameer Ahmed says:

    Not only one, but many of the current batsmen can make it happen. Like virat, warner, babar, smith, labuchagne, rohit. These batsmen got ability to build long inning.

  32. Ali Asghar Rajani says:

    David warner was inch closer to knock that record down, but captain n coach had other plans. Well not a big fan of him, but the way he played was amazing!!

  33. Asrafuzzaman Bhuiyan says:

    No one can break that record. Because, this game has become commercial. New generation doesn’t respect Test cricket.

  34. Fazul Rahman Afghan says:

    Virat kholi Steven Smith and Warner I think they are talented players and they have this ability to broke but this will take many years to reach this milestone

  35. Prodip Das says:

    I think David Warner. Because he is very brilliant batsman.

  36. Surendra Komatineni says:

    Viru or Abd have the same ability but they couldn’t, I don’t think anyone is going to break this record in cricket

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