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50 Replies to “Who’s the only world cricketer you suppose may’ve excelled at every other sp…”

  1. Md Masum Billah says:

    A B D is the best player of hockey football and cricket. He perticipated this games in international team.

  2. Sofi Mohsin says:

    ABD.. Mr 360°……he has already represented many sports at National level…

  3. M H Shanto says:

    Sakib Al Hasan as a Footballer

  4. Debojyoti Bag says:

    Dhoni as sprinter..Must gave tuff competition to Bolt..😍😍

  5. Razeen Musthafa says:

    Alex Carey is a former AFL player (Australian Rules Football) He was the captain of the GWS Giants in 2010 and then left footy to play cricket..

  6. Devendra Singh says:

    First of all let’s keep ABD out of this …
    He is at some different level in sports …

  7. Hans Raj Joshi says:

    MSD at any other sports….
    It’s not only about skills but it comes down to hard work and dedication.

  8. Ankit Dangwal says:

    Msd❤️ he is good in football.

  9. Amir Sohel Chowdhury says:

    Yuzvendra Chahal in Heavyweight Championship!

  10. Prathmesh Srivastava says:

    M.S. Dhoni would have definitely excelled in the field of football , initially he wanted to become a footballer only 😎😎

  11. Sharjeel Rj says:

    Ab de villers best in hockey and a part of international hockey team of South Africa
    And MS Dhoni in foot ball

  12. Andrew Brownlie says:

    Brendon mcullum kept dan carter on the bench in south islands schools rugby

  13. Kundan Kumar says:

    Yuzu chahal is junior champion in chess

  14. Tariq Zaman says:

    Muhammed Irfan the Pakistani fast bowler was asked the American National team of basketball to join but muhammad Irfan refused to play. He is fabulous basketball player.

  15. Pubudu Sampath Somawansha says:

    Kumara sangakkara (National Tennis Champion) and AB De Villiers

  16. Mohammed Úmär says:

    Mr 360 ABD is ChamP in every sports and could fit in almost every sports ……..and poLLard in basketball baLL because he plays basketball better then cricket

  17. Supun Madushan says:

    Andew filintoff is a good boxer….AB is an all-rounder which he was a good tenis player, rugby player, swimmer also sanga is a good tenis player…don’t know about shakib…

  18. Anil S Gowda says:

    Chahal represented India in the national level chess competition.. I think he is best at both cricket and chess

  19. Fahad Uddin says:

    Steave smith is proved themself that he is such a good player

  20. Lishon Chakma says:

    i think obaidul khader, he is the biggest player ,joker, actor ,dramatist in our he is a world class cricketer from another sport

  21. Ayesh Fernando says:

    kumar sangakkara. Is the best tenis player in Sri Lankan Cricket. The most interesting thing is that he is a left handed batsman in cricket but plays tenis in right hand…🏏🎾 #CHAMP_LEGEND

  22. Devashish Thugaonkar says:

    None other than Ab Devilliers. ….all rounder in soccer , tennis , golf ….he could have excelled in all the sports!!!!

  23. Yaswanth Reddy says:

    Abd in golf swimming, Flintoff in boxing, umar akmal standup comedy,

  24. Mohammad Bilal says:

    Sir Rizwan Bradman should be the WWE#UNIVERSAL CHAMPION…

  25. Altaf Ahmad says:

    Only Sir vivian Richards as he has already played soccer for his country. Dont mention these rusty players…..

  26. Arsalan Ali says:

    ab de villiers .He played almost every sport.and he also known as allrounder of sports.

  27. Zain Malik says:

    Umar akmal he plays all other sports rather then cricket and also have great English speaking abilities and yup he do acting too….true legend of Pakistan

  28. Kryptic Edwards says:

    Andre russel played football for his high school as a goal keeper and was apart of jamaica under 17 team

  29. Rao Tariq says:

    Former England dynamic opening batsman and wicketkeeper Craig Kiesweter who got retired because of terrible eye socket injury is now a professional golfer. ❣️

  30. Uzair Khattak says:

    Ab devillers … he has played hockey for south africa

  31. Saravana Vel says:

    Jonty Rhodes – Gem of universal Cricket.
    Best Hardworker, dedication for his Nation.
    That country has to make him pride and ICC too

  32. Samar Abbas says:

    #Mushfiqur Raheeem should be THE WWE #Universal champion..😂

  33. Kanij Maria Borsha says:

    AB is good at many sports, Shakib al Hasan,MS Dhoni has good football skill.

  34. Amit Bhandari says:

    Brendon McCullum could have been a decent first five having being picked ahead of All Blacks great Dan Carter in South Island Secondary School Rugby Tournament during the school days.

  35. Anas Tahir says:

    De villiers.
    He is an allrounder, can play golf,swim, soccer everything

  36. Muhammad FurQan says:

    De Villiers is most talented sportsman !
    He can play every game of sports ,
    So i would say #AbDeVilliers ❤❤❤

  37. Rajitha Prasad says:

    Kumara sangakkara,he was a national tennis champion in one year

  38. Kazi Shakil says:

    OBVIOUSLY… SMITH. However virat is a good footballer but he’ll often get red card because of his arrogance.

  39. Muhammad Waseem says:

    AB DIvillers one of the best player of criket and hockey.. He participated both games in international South Africa team…

  40. Siddhant Pradhan says:

    Lara in Gulf
    MSD as Sprinter
    Virat in Football
    Ambrose and Walsh brothers in NBA basketball
    Sachin in Cycling
    Sohib Akthar as Wrestler
    Chahal as comedian
    Rohit as Actor

  41. Baaz Singh says:

    Because kohli is just too physically fit as we know,I think he would be better, although smith is not too far behind.

  42. Mareeswaran Sethuraman says:

    I think Dhoni , he would have definitely made a huge impact in Football if he hadn’t chosen Cricket ..

  43. Virat is good footballer but he’ll get many RED CARDS due to his arrogance,,,🥴

  44. ShAh SaLman says:

    Kamran Akmal can be a good Goalkeeper. He has already proved himself in cricket.

  45. Ravi Vijay-rv says:

    Yuzi Chahal is an national level Chess player also… Thus in his bowling also, he reads minds very well 👍

  46. Usman Shahid says:

    Ahmad shahzad could be a good actor
    Yes! Muhammad irfan could a good player of Basket ball.because of height and also he was offered by america to play for their basket ball team

  47. No doubt AB devilliers who was exquisite in badminton,,, golf ,,lawn tennis along with rugby and hockeyl…but he chosed cricket as his profession

  48. RaKib HaSan says:

    Sakib al Hasan could be a good footballer. He plays really good football. A few months ago he scores an excellent goal and uploads this video on social media. He even said he loves football more than cricket.

  49. Luthando Thando Kweyama says:

    Hershelle Gibbs from South Africa was also a talented all-round sportsman. He was once invited for Tottenham Hotspurs Youth Academy trials in England during his youth footballing days but he missed the trials because he could not afford the plane then. Pretty decent in squash, tennis as well. He and AB de Villiers are great all-round sportsmen

  50. Ayon Chakraborty says:

    There are few cricketers who have already proved themselves in other sports. Like Chahal in chess, The great Kapil in Golf, ABD in Soccer and hockey, Sanga in Tennis. Apart from those Dhoni could have been a great sprinter,Andre Russel could have been a great pick for Baseball, Shakib might be a good footballer…

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