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38 Replies to “Educate adore it’s a fit; play like no-one’s staring at.”

  1. Bala Murugan says:

    Seriously now no one will watch because it’s corona time😫

  2. Shipon Das Roktim says:

    For this, he is called the king of cricket 😍

  3. Akila Rukshan says:

    He played it better than in practicing🥰

  4. Shammi Weerasinghe says:

    Most talented player in modern era.

  5. Idrees Mir says:

    The caption is an inspiration….thnk u ICC

  6. Junaid Amin says:

    And watches like something has lost😝😝😝

  7. Adil Bhatt Bhat Adil says:

    In the whole world this is only kholi who sees every ball till last mmnt

  8. Tayyab Majeed says:

    ICC is on its mission now.

  9. Rahul Mazumder says:

    70 tons at this age….best in the world

  10. Mukesh Kailay says:

    An india pak series without spectators will definately help people stay locked in homes..Gurdeep Dhanda

  11. Riju Ahmed says:

    He is the synonym of dedication at batting.

  12. Amadur Rahman Mahtab says:

    That’s why he is number one.. The king

  13. Usama Ushey says:

    Looks like he’s gonna glove it to slip

  14. Mubasher Mehmood Hashmi says:

    I think its going to be edged ..see where’s ball going

  15. Rehnuma Mehmood says:

    This is a rsn he is rising star in modern era

  16. Arpan Kumar Dhole says:

    Perfection at its best

  17. Moin Raja says:

    But I doubt in these pics he is not getting ball in the middle.

  18. Mohammad Robi says:

    Why the bat is different?

  19. Dibya Prasad Mallick says:

    This is virat run machine Kohli special. Mind it.

  20. Kundu Argha says:

    Test Match – the most difficult format… Still

  21. Sumit Saini says:

    I think no one could express about #legend 🙏💪💪

  22. Ubaid Ullah Sadiq says:

    He’s a Legend , people trolls him that he gets fail in knockout situations but they don’t know that on those Occasions he fights alone ❤️

  23. Varghese Thomas says:

    He is not watching the ball. He should practice more 🙂

  24. Kamal Parihar says:

    Good lines
    Secret of success
    ICC 👌

  25. Taoheed Chowdhury says:

    I just found out he didn’t hit a ton at Lord’s. It’s certain that he’ll finish as a legend…

  26. Taha Yousuf says:

    Will the man RUN MACHINE change into DEFENSIVE MACHINE 🤗 dear icc , babar will cleary take over him in terms of all techniques and he has done so 80%already

  27. Asif Sahil says:

    A great batsman, respect from Pakistan.

  28. Rangarajan Thambuswamy says:

    King kohli and chasing king will always be a special player.

  29. Aniket Mhatre says:

    This Lines only suits to world Greates Batsman King kohli..

    Well said ICC

  30. Tayyab Khan says:

    Why you have lost champion trophy 2017

  31. AJ Aqeel Jameel says:

    Great lines by ICC, really true words🔥😍….

  32. Hushjit Multani says:

    Choker training

  33. Rahul Kumar says:

    He wants to become the Ronaldo of cricket. When it comes to technique, he himself is an institution.

  34. Mohsin Waraich says:

    On Turning pitch or Day 5 test match pitches same stance will not work. BTW never seen Virat Kohli this much stretching, he is almost young and feets moving better so why this much effort required 😀🤔

  35. Raju Sulayman says:

    Absolutely right. That’s the one of the most valuable trick.

  36. Rajiv Chakraborty says:

    When it’s Comes perfection
    No one even came close to him

  37. Arun Arunan says:

    And who took photo in training no one watching

  38. Shaan e Ali says:

    There also more good batsman to watch and talk about their batting style

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