How most of the best 10 world catchers did you get? 1⃣ Mahela Jaya…

How most of the best 10 world catchers did you get? 1️⃣ Mahela Jayawardene – 440 2️⃣ Ricky Ponting – 364 3️⃣ Jacques Kallis – 338 4️⃣ Rahul Dravid – 336 5️⃣ Ross Taylor – 332 6️⃣ Stephen Fleming – 306 7️⃣ Graeme Smith – 292 8️⃣ Mark Waugh – 289 9️⃣ Brian Lara – 284 🔟 Allan Border – 283


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32 Replies to “How most of the best 10 world catchers did you get? 1⃣ Mahela Jaya…”

  1. Anuja Fernando says:

    Mahela Jayawardena is undoubtedly the best slip fielder ever.He has grabbed some unimaginable catches and that is why he is at the top of the ladder when it comes to catches by a fielder other than wicket keepers.Well done the Srilankan legend Mahela Jayawardena.🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰💪💪💪

  2. Sreeni Mallya says:

    It’s a surprise that gilly and sanga are not in the list

  3. Aryan Majidzadeh says:

    Surprised me not find. Muhammed Azhar uddin name

  4. Mohammad Adil Hosen says:

    Icc become mad due to KORONA 😆😆

  5. Tharindu Dilanka says:

    our 🇱🇰 legend maiya on top✅

  6. Babar Azam says:

    All of them Mushfique was the best. He’s such a great batsman and good wicket keeper. And his batting skills is also good enough. Proud of him so much💜

  7. Asitha Godakanda Arachchi says:

    See gap between first and second. Wow Great Mayya…

  8. Lakmal Sanjeewa Dissanayaka says:

    MJ 27 One of the Legends of SL Cricket

  9. Sohail Afzal says:

    They are all first slip fielders

  10. Munna Hossain says:

    I Written that yesterday.. And my answer was right ❤❤🖤🖤

  11. Jitu Barua says:

    One of the best slip catcher of the history of cricket is MAHELA❤💘❤

  12. Abhilash Asnotikar says:

    Thanks to Muttiah Muralitharan for Mahela Jayawardene’s achievement!!😇

  13. Md. Shafiur Rahman says:

    Interesting that Sachin and Shahid are not in this list…

  14. Mahela

  15. Md Ariful Islam Milon says:

    1-9. Mahela was unique.

  16. Srikanth Taduri says:

    Ross Taylor can beat record…

  17. Nahidul Islam says:

    is Rashid khan not available the list?😕🤣

  18. Jeyaraj Harris says:

    The world record that no one ever spoken

  19. Muhammad Nawaz Qureshi says:

    A list which is full of legend ❣

  20. Khumbulani Milton Mkni says:

    Kallis always appearing what a complete all-rounder

  21. Pranjal Sinha says:

    Dravid 210
    Mark Waugh 181
    in tests

  22. Sagar Saraiya says:

    Ross is the only one from this era

  23. Asif Iqbal Bhat says:

    Murli 🏏and Mahela duo was best 🤲.

  24. Ks Adhikari says:

    Rahul Dravid was super filder in the slip

  25. Sachin Kumar says:

    ICC Please upload top 10 catch dropper player, I hope Pakistan player on top….

  26. ආගන්තුකයා says:

    C. Jayawardene B. Muralidaran
    Most common pair in world cricket

  27. Krishno Roy Krish says:

    ponting is best but taylor will defet him

  28. Zarmish Kabeer says:

    Why Decock Iss not in this list he is the best Catcher Ever

  29. Atriya De says:

    Featuring the greatest slip fielders…. ❤️❤️

  30. Wâlëêd Iqbal says:

    The bEst fielder of cricket and slip position is Steve smith

  31. Arslan Ahmad says:

    Dravid had real safe hands. Missing jhonty Rhodes here

  32. Hasin Irtiza says:

    All of them’re good slip fielder🤔.

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