QUIZ time ⏳ You could have 10 seconds to bet the solution sooner than it seems that! What number of did you get proper? Let us know beneath 👇


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  1. Istiaque Ahmed Badhan says:

    Mushfiqur Rahim!
    I have won! Congratulate me later! Thank you

  2. Usman Naeem says:

    You can easily judge him from his 1.5 inch height. Who refused to tour Pakistan. When WC winners can come to Pakistan.

  3. Nawanit Niraj says:

    Is this even a quiz.???

  4. Akshay Lubhana says:

    Am I the only one who got it all right?

  5. Abhishek Gupta says:

    Could not recognize the Netherlander rest all were simple

  6. Md Shohag Showdagor says:

    I got it at first glance when it shows him😍

  7. Sudarshan Shanmuganathan says:

    No need to hide his face! The height will reveal

  8. Shahid Rafiq says:

    He is the batsman whose life was in most danger in Pakistan more than prince and princess

  9. Tushar Das says:

    I recognized first one before even playing the video.

  10. Salman Khan Shanto says:

    It’s the little dynamo Mushfiqur Rahim

  11. Rashid Abrar says:

    Its Musfiqur, we can even see the jersey number

  12. Nari Virat says:

    The player who unsold in all ipl auctions non other mushfiquer rahim

  13. Omor Fayaz Tamim says:

    I could guess it when i saw the stance
    took less than a second

  14. Belal Malik says:

    Their is some optical illusion.
    Why ‘Alyssa Healy’ is wearing green….

  15. Hassan Khalil says:

    That man who dropped the simple catch of Shahid Afridi when he was on fire and there were rain of sixes at that time😃😃😃

  16. Ameer Humza says:

    The legend once said he won’t go to Pakistan beacuse “I don’t feel the security is better in Pakistan”

  17. Pranta Moharer says:

    No need to guess.. i can tell this is Mushfiqur Rahim by seeing his bat❤

  18. Mohammed Harris Ajmal says:

    My score is 4.
    Couldn’t guess Indian pacer

  19. Shoaib Ramim says:

    It was clear before playing this video from his bat tag.! 😐

  20. JH Tushar says:

    It was too easy to recognise by every one but I didn’t recognize the Australian Lady

  21. Mathematician Usman says:

    Very easy 1 second is enough to guess All these players

  22. Muaj Talha says:

    Didn’t have to see the video.its mushi

  23. Zillur Rahman says:

    our pride,, little magician Mushfoquer Rahim.

  24. Ananda Giri says:

    Am I the only one who didn’t get any of the correct answer ,Dear icc admin Little bit easier on plz 🙏❤

  25. Faraz Aslam says:

    4 out of 5..cant recognise indian bowler

  26. Saurabh Barmate says:

    He is a very talented cricketer but his jealous to other countries and player. ..he don’t give any respect against another nations

  27. Thanush Shiva Sai says:

    Being unsold in all ipl auctions is not easy he deserves some respect

  28. Pranay Tammi says:

    The one who celebrates even before attaining victory and is famous for his naagin dance😂🤣

  29. AB Hilash says:

    The batsman was who celebrated without winning the match.

  30. Sikdar Mahamud Khokon says:

    One& only our little Legend Mushi

  31. Kazi Sharif says:

    Dear, ICC, U don’t know who is Musfiq!. Mushfiq is a metaphysical and spiritual hero. He is ghost,,,,,,,

    He is going to marry again😎

  32. নীহান নীল says:

    I did not need 5 second to guess the most Dependable batsman and wicketkeeper Musi. I love you so much ♥♥

  33. Shaheen Asad says:

    It was so easy to guess 10 out of 10 😎😎😎😎

  34. Shahin Hossain says:

    The reverse swipe was clear my all doubts bcz his the best among all the better player on this kind of shots

  35. Mokammel Haque Rifat says:

    Mushfiq – the boss of batting ❣️

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