Mohammad Amir | Easiest Wickets Compilation

On his birthday, let’s relive one of the crucial highest dismissals from Mohammad Amir 🔥 What has been his maximum memorable efficiency?


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29 Replies to “Mohammad Amir | Easiest Wickets Compilation”

  1. Parag Patani says:

    Memorable incidence….🤔….. that deliberate “No ball” which cost him 5 years😉😂

  2. Axel Anthony Mammino says:

    Hard to recall a memory without overstepping the line

  3. Naimat Afridi says:

    Unfortunately he is The cricketer who demolished his own Fame and form.

  4. Mohsin Habib says:

    Other than those Indian Wickets, all other are mediocre at best !

  5. Malik Ahmad Ali says:

    Happy birthday to indians father.specially kohli and sharma…

  6. Engr Khawar Iqbal says:

    I think the best wicket compilation maker is a 7 year old kid…..

  7. King Ahsan says:

    He’s an awesome bowler of green surface.. His stats are way good than any other man.

  8. Yaasin Mulohwe says:

    Could have been an all-time great if not for greed and bad influences

  9. Hamid Basit says:

    Happy returns of the day btw where is the clean bowleds of Amir??????

  10. Mamoon Khattak says:

    Tashfeen Khan bia a yaduna ra taza kral in the air gone not that important the last one is gone the next ball pakistan crikt at its best one min down next minute up

  11. Maqsood Ahmad Siddiqui says:

    We just don’t like him, he has so many negatives like fixer, fraud and so much arrogant.

  12. FineArt Sialkot says:

    Where is championship trophy finale highlights first 2 overs of M. Amir

  13. Mahfuzul Haque Munna says:

    Incredible ICC Champions Trophy 2017.
    Amir was very impressive 🔥

  14. باغی مرید says:

    Most memorable performance by Amir is Spot fixing

  15. Tamzid Ahmed says:

    After champions trophy final 2017, in press conference king kohli praised a lot to Amir.Then there’s no need to investigate anymore about Md AMIR’S skill.

  16. Nadeem Ahmad says:

    Amir’s bowling spell against India in ICC’s champions trophy 2017 was brilliant and don’t forgettable ever

  17. Rehmat Ullah says:

    The repeated performance in champion trophy against India the #1 batting line up,,,earlier he had done so in the t20 world cup match against the same opposition and got rid of almost the same batsmen.

  18. Sanju Naidu says:

    His performance in ICC Championships trophy 2017 final was fantastic. Which cost us trophy.
    Nice performance by Mohammed Amir.

  19. Bishal Shakya says:

    One of the best fast swing bowler.
    Love from Nepal ❤️

  20. Anurag Kumar Sahu says:

    His best bowling I saw in ct17 final… And the way he dismissed Kohli was so amazing…

  21. JB Mohapatra says:

    He is an excellent bowler. One of many great bowlers those Pakistan produced. Wish he had not done the mistake of his life, he would have broken some records.

  22. Sunil Singh says:

    CT 2017 Final spell was his outstanding performance

  23. Kaluri Shankar says:

    Match fixing in a Test against England in England an unforgettable memory….

  24. Mohammed Parvez says:

    That one mistake has cost u more than anything in this world, till date u would surely have broken many records in the cricketing world. Love n respect from INDIAN CRICKET FAN. Happy Birthday legend 🎂

  25. Tarun Teja says:

    Whole world dng hardwork for Covid 19 vaccine but Pakistan still wtcg CT17😂😂😂😂😂. Undergarments & Ventilator begging was fantastic 😂😂😄😄

  26. Šyed Zeeshan Haider says:

    last two wickets zakhmoon par namak. HBD ICC Champion Trophy Winner Muhammad Amir.

  27. Prince Taimur says:

    His performance in Icc Champions Trophy 2017
    his breakthrow was massive

  28. Ansar Rafiq says:

    3 wickets against mighty India in ICC CT are unforgettable… Happy Birthday #Amir.. 🎂

  29. Amir Khan says:

    In the air and gone the next ball not that important brilliant from Amir pakistan cricket at his best one minute down next minute up… ❤

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