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45 Replies to “We requested you who we had hidden. The proper solution used to be Hashim Amla!”

  1. South Africa best Player Amla.

  2. வசீகரன் says:

    Ya yes I had also correct that last post of ICC.
    But one thing we are truly enjoyably wasting time with ICC. Quiz and hidden persons finding are triumph of this quarantine .
    We have more time to waste

  3. Caiphus Terence Shai says:

    The mighty Amla. What legend. 311* test against England. Fastest to 2k,3k,4k,5k6k, and 7k ODI runs

  4. Samar Abbas says:

    ICC you Are lying I have seen the one the great #Mushfiqur. i will raise my case in United Nations against that Racism..😥😥

  5. Sayma Mou says:

    He Is the most decent Player.Best Wishes From🇧🇩🇧🇩

  6. Taher Sheikh Talha says:

    My favourite one😍😍

  7. Abd Ur Rehman says:

    My favorite Amla♥

  8. Nimod Kodikara says:

    Why tf is Moeen Ali wearing South african jersey???😑😑

  9. Nahidul Islam says:

    I think it was Rashid khan 🤣

  10. Abran Ahmed Joy says:

    wonder full sote in odi mache

  11. Dhanushka Priyadarshana says:

    he dont like alcohol .he dont show castle logo

  12. Jahir Islam says:

    Yes I’m a correct answer,,, Gift?

  13. UsaMa SandHu says:

    MaShaAllaH AllaH pak laMbi ZinDgi dy Ameen 🌹
    Aur Buri NaZar Sy BcHaYe Ameen ❤

  14. Pritam Khakurel says:

    ## Hashim Amla
    lots of love from Nepal

  15. Häṃṃäď Nïġäŕ says:

    Yp Word Castle is missing

  16. Habib Khan says: and respect from Pakistan💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  17. Habiburrahman Arghandewal says:

    Silent Warrior, only player that no one hates him

  18. Omar Faruk Talukder says:

    Love you & miss you…. Boss..#🇧🇩🇧🇩

  19. Ali AdNaN says:

    Castel vine company logo

  20. Ngcali Clock says:

    All Hail the Mighty Hash 🇿🇦

  21. Naeem Islam says:

    my favourite playear HASHIM AMLA.♥♥

  22. M Saqib Khan says:

    The mysterious man I have ever seen

  23. Raju Banerjee says:

    Hasan amla south africa wall

  24. Mohammad Shahidul says:

    I always miss him to see RSA live match

  25. Mahbub Alom Tawsif says:

    Hashim Amla is the decent player.🏏🏏🏏🏏

  26. Aŋɩĸ ɱɩʀzʌ says:

    My favourite Playear HASIM AMLA🤭

  27. Khizar Paracha says:

    The run machine fastest to reach 2k 3k 4k 5k 6k 7k odi runss my favorite batsman and now batting coach of Peshawar Zalmi❤❤

  28. Rashid Depar says:

    King of cricket.. My favorite playar

  29. Khan Younus says:

    My. Lovely islamic men Hashim Amla u r great legend

  30. Kamal Hossain Lovelu says:

    We are also lost a gentleman

  31. Morin Zukaaritokuchi says:

    He is from south Africa and he is hasim amla ❤️❤️

  32. Hm Rayhan says:

    My answer was right.

  33. Muhammad Noman says:

    Most decent and well mannered cricketer of all time

  34. Kausar Ahmed says:

    South Africa best player Amla

  35. Mohammad Ali Shamim says:

    Thank you ICC for you outstanding competitions…. 👏👏👏👏👏

  36. Firsan Farsan says:

    one of honest player in the world..

  37. Umar Abdullah Peshawari says:

    Hashim Amla Class I think the best batsman in the world ever

  38. Tahan Ahnaf Emon says:

    Most decent player in cricket history..😍

  39. Usman Armani says:

    Waqas is a batsman that I can support and support

  40. Fazal Rasid Wazir says:

    Amla is a great player love and respect from Pakistan ✌

  41. Arslan Rao says:

    I am winner
    Where is my prize icc. I will take it after lockdown ok😀😀😀

  42. Muhammad Ansar says:

    Dear ICC,why you every time hide Mr Amla behind the Bars? Is there some kind of punishment 🤪

  43. Sami Ullah Ramzan says:

    Hashim was far better batesman than Sachin Tendulkar.
    I think Steven Smith is better than Hashim Amla as a Cricketer

  44. Niyaz Ali says:

    The most honest player of world cricket

  45. Môhãmmãd Ħümãyøün says:

    as an awesome player and human in the world 💐

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