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32 Replies to “What cricket false impression did you’ve gotten for manner too lengthy as a kid?”

  1. Kharel Parash says:

    ICC is powerful than BCCI !!

  2. Rushikesh Akula says:

    MRF Tyres is a bat manufacturing unit and their bats are very expensive, hence legends like Sachin Tendulkar, Brain Lara can only afford. 🤣

  3. Rohit Sciientist says:

    As a child I thought, the bowlers use oil to spin and swing the ball 😂😂😂

  4. Batsman losses his bat while playing shot. U pick it and kiss it, thats out.

  5. Brian TJ Bryce says:

    Circumference was a famous cricketer.

  6. Balaji Ravi says:

    I thought batsmen at both ends will change at the end of every over instead of the fact that bowler will change ends.

  7. Sunit Sethi says:

    That no more than 4 runs could be run until an overthrow occurred!

  8. Dîvya Mohan says:

    Opening batsmen salary is more than the others😷

  9. Himanshu Sarin says:

    That the batting team switches ends after every over, and the bowling team keeps bowling from the same end.

  10. Suman Pangeni says:

    I thought that the batsman have to hit the same shot twice but in slow motion to show replay in TV..I was so young😄

  11. Alok Choudhary says:

    If a batsman score 200 in test innings, it will count as 2 nos in his hundred records, but actually it’s counted as one hundred

  12. Kaushik Khatua says:

    The only factor for a LBW is simply would the ball have hit the stumps.. i.e, didn’t know about Pitching & Impact factors

  13. Vivek Gopalakrishnan says:

    Always thought that ball had to hit leg for LBW appeal. This thought went for many years till Sachin got dismissed for LBW after the ball hit his upper arm while ducking.

  14. Santhu Rathod says:

    I used to think that there are only 2 cricket teams India and Pakistan 😀

  15. Haseeb Ahmad says:

    In a bilateral series whoever wins the last match win the series, regardless of what’s the scoreline

  16. Khawar Abbas says:

    As a child I used to think that cricketer’s shoes have springs in it that’s why they can jump high

  17. Abdul Basith says:

    Pointing had springs in his bat during 2003 final

  18. Usmaan Khan says:

    That they play from same end (like we used to play in streets) rather than changing ends at the end if every over.

  19. Govardhan Sai Pinni says:

    Batsman walks over to the other end as the over is completed. 😂
    I realised it’s the bowling team that undergoes all the change, pretty late. 🙉

  20. Guru Raghavendran says:

    MRF is the best bat manufacturer as Sachin and Lara used it. Only after some 10 years came to know that MRF is a tyre company.

  21. पवन भुर्तेल says:

    Dinda is the world’s fastest bowler!🤪😴

  22. Siddhant Modi says:

    I used to believe that bowler has the right to ask batsman to show some part of the stump to him otherwise he won’t be able to bowled him (unaware of lbw too) 😜😜

  23. Ankit Pandeya says:

    If the ball hits only front foot its lbw, not for back foot.
    If the ball drops on batting crease after hitting the bat its out.
    You cant place the fielder directly behind the stumps.

  24. Hamza Kashif Dilkusha says:

    When I first heard about 5 teams playing the Asia cup, I thought that all 5 teams play together at one time and that no more than 4 runs can be run on a single delivery without overthrow.

  25. Scott Goodwin says:

    I never understood why it was 2 players vs 11 players, seemed so unfair. (I was very young)

  26. Pranjal Sinha says:

    No fielder could be placed in line with the wickets.

  27. Ashwin Ramesh says:

    For the first 2-3 games I thought you got one run if you hit it outside the 30y circle. They never showed the batsmen running and they all looked the same to me. 🙈

  28. Junaid Khan says:

    I didn’t know about change of ends till i started playing club cricket 😂

  29. Salman Ahmed Rajpoot says:

    Ball going “in the air” ,…. Always listen as “Indiaaaaaaaaaaaaa”😅😂

  30. Prashanth Soundar says:

    Impact outside off stump was out, if the ball hits the wickets.
    NRR is some sort of run rate average 😄

  31. Adil Rasheed says:

    Pakistan was threatened by India in 2011 WC semi final 🤣🤣🤣

  32. Faisal Titumir says:

    I can’t hit six because if the ball is lost the match is finished, 😞 moreover I have to buy a new one!

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