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39 Replies to “326 global appearances 9154 runs 132 wickets 155 catches Glad birthd…”

  1. Khumbulani Milton Mkni says:

    Me and JP we share the same birthday. So happy birthday to us JP . Liked partnership with AB you are the king of run in between the wkt much love JP.

  2. Shahriar Ahmed says:

    That 168 against Australia was a masterclass and a turning point in his career. He’s a real fighter. Happy birthday and best wishes for you

  3. Unnikrishnan Unnikrishnan says:

    Missing you ckt

  4. Ramesh Roa says:

    But he flops in IPL

  5. Nafi Iftekhar says:

    Took retirement too early

  6. हिमांशु वशिष्ठ says:

    Match isn’t over because Duminy is in at no.7

  7. Hasan Asif says:

    i miss ashwell prince Mostly

  8. Alexander Obhi says:

    Smartest one finisher legendary

  9. Harsh Verma says:

    I remember his 99 against ireland

  10. Sainath N. Avale says:

    Always missing this former mi player❤❤

  11. রায়হান উদ্দিন স্বাধীন says:

    Shakib is so far better than JP!

  12. Roshan Singh Thagunna says:

    Hppie birthdy my fav proteas southpaw👍️👍️

  13. Gurpreet Minhas says:

    World Cup hatrik in quater final ageist Shri Lanka.

  14. Simranpreet Dhillon says:

    One of the best
    Jack kallis gonna remain no 1.

  15. Rashid Bilal says:

    Great man as well.
    He came in Pakistan for PSL final

  16. Shaamin Ahad says:

    He has always dumped South Africa on special occasions.

  17. Abhisek Sarkar says:

    But I am surprised why he failed totally in IPL. He is one of the very best in sub continental condition!!!

  18. Iftikhar Aamir says:

    I think

    He got maximum chances, but he not avail them

    Up down performance in.whole career

  19. JaM AhMaD says:

    Love and respect from 🇵🇰 🇵🇰🇵🇰

  20. Rizwan Khan says:

    Happy birthday jp…I remember ur 99 runs in wc 15

  21. AJ Aqeel Jameel says:

    Really one of the best all rounder😊😊…

  22. Rashid Bilal says:

    His lovablness for Pakistan would not forgotten in the history of Pakistan.

  23. नबिन राना मगर says:

    Happy birthday to you Jhon poul duminy 🎂🎂

  24. MD Sumon Ahmed says:

    not best,kalis is better than jp

  25. Saurabh Bhaskar says:

    I still his match winning knock against india in which he had smashed akshar patel 3 consecutive sixes and pull out victory from India’s grab.

    Happy birthday JP

  26. Zulfi's Photos says:

    With the best wishes happy birthday Duminy

  27. Yawer Ganaie says:

    One of the best batsman from the proteas.

  28. Rashid Bilal says:

    And he was the PSL champion Caption of ISlamabad United.

  29. Jahidul Islam says:

    Happy birthday one of other stylish player jp ❤❤❤

  30. Humayun Shaikh says:

    Jp at initial times was very consistent and was in top ten but after that dnt knw what hapnd to him hopefully he finds his form back cuz i know he is very talented love u jp

  31. Muhammad Rauf says:

    Happy birthday legend…best all rounder

  32. Ashar Jhon Jhon says:

    Happy birthday for south Africa player JP dummny

  33. Saiful Bappy says:

    Happy Birthday Dear Domini.. Have a blast of joy.

  34. Siril Piyanath says:

    south african All rounder ❤️❤️❤️

  35. Qazi Ibraheem says:

    Very Informative. This will help us fighting against Corona Virus.

  36. MD Saharian Sipon says:

    Happy birthday to one of South Africa’s best all-rounders, JP Duminy

  37. Mohammed Numan says:

    I ALWAYS admired him…🙌 He’s great all rounder though !!

  38. Abdullah Irshad says:

    Happy Birthday JP! Many Many Happy Returns of the day.

  39. Aadrsh Chaurasiya says:

    Happy Birthday best all-rounder of south africa

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