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28 Replies to “Could not wait till Thursday to put up this throwback”

  1. Farhan Khan Faruk says:

    Love you all & specially love ab de Villiers

  2. Sadiq Ur Rahman says:

    ABD my all time favorite

  3. Sri Nivas says:

    Everyday is everyday !! 😂😂😂

  4. Fari Farwa says:

    Cricket masterox awl in 1 row🙂🙂🙂

  5. Ihsan Ullah says:

    Best batting, bowling and fielding in one picture۔؟

  6. দুষ্টু ছেলে মেসি says:

    This old man are the father of cricket ❤️🌏

  7. Nazia Sheikh says:

    3 great players in a single frame ❤

  8. ځ. ځلاند says:

    Ab is the best forever,, ,,,,,,,,

  9. Mohammadullah Babu says:

    though villiers knows conciously about warne,probably warne may not had idea who sat beside him

  10. Ajmal Jadoon says:

    Best batting, bowling and fielding in one picture❤️

  11. Chaudhry Haider Ali Chattha says:

    A complete package of batting, bolwing & fielder..
    11 is not required .#Legends

  12. M Irshad Bangash says:

    We Pakistan respect jonty Rhodes because his 2nd daughter name is ” #pakistan ” .❤️

  13. Harvinder Singh says:

    3 legends of the game who played the game with utmost passion and dedication on the field..

  14. জেরিন আফরিন says:

    Three Indian father in single picture. We Indian respect jonty Rhodes because his 2nd daughter name is India.

  15. Ajay Kumar S Kumar says:

    Legends in a single frame❤️

  16. Harmeet Singh Soni says:

    Shane warne, ab and jonty

  17. 3 legends in one picture

  18. Vikas Singh Dhoni says:

    Jonty Rhodes AB de Villiers Shane Warne

  19. Suneth Sanjeewa says:

    Jonty warne Ab👍👍👍

  20. Shaik Mohammad says:

    three legends no doubt 😘😘😘

  21. Hasin Irtiza says:

    The specialists in three departments in cricket🤔

  22. Farooq Shah says:

    I am simply word less about this pic,,,,,,,,,

  23. Ashraf Bhadarka says:

    The 3 legends.. jhonty, warne, AB,

  24. Randhir Kumar says:

    stay at home please

  25. Śűjàý Mőñďąl says:

    Batting bowling fielding three legend in one frame..

  26. Utsav Goswami says:

    I Am big fan of Aussie’s and Kiwi’s 2000s era

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