‘CWC19 ultimate used to be probably the most dramatic recreation of cricket’ – Morgan

💬 “The general used to be probably the most dramatic recreation of cricket and the most efficient recreation of cricket that more than likely has ever been performed which contributes to the hype of it.” Do you accept as true with Eoin Morgan’s overview of the 2019 ICC Cricket International Cup ultimate? 👇

‘CWC19 ultimate used to be probably the most dramatic recreation of cricket’ – Morgan

England's white-ball captain Eoin Mrogan mirrored at the epic 2019 ICC Males's Cricket International Cup ultimate, calling it probably the most dramatic recreation of cricket.


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42 Replies to “‘CWC19 ultimate used to be probably the most dramatic recreation of cricket’ – Morgan”

  1. Ngcali Clock says:

    Must have been the luck of the Irish 😉🇮🇪

  2. Nasyx Nadeem says:

    Yeah, it’s because it was a final.

  3. Syed Muzzammil Khalid says:

    Yeah but there was no winner!!

  4. تبسم پرنس says:

    bad luck of kewies………………..but england favourite of impires……

  5. Aruna Caldera says:

    Best tie i have ever witnessed

  6. Anuj Singh Rana says:

    Newzealand didn’t loose that day…

  7. Gaurav Sharma says:

    Newzealanders were the most deserving but destiny had other plans…😢

  8. AmMar SHk says:

    Usi final ki na-insafi ki wja sy corona aya😅🙄

  9. Awais Bukhari says:

    Yes it is. Unlucky Newzealand

  10. Nitin Sharma says:

    Yes n the heist of the century.

  11. Bhavin Parmar says:

    England never deserved it

  12. Bidar Safi says:

    morgan is best player in world

  13. Shahzad Ujan says:

    438 africa vs aus was best game of all time

  14. Farrukh Javed says:

    England won by zero runs

  15. Nadeem Baba says:

    Hard luck anz but u won hearts and real winner

  16. Dhruv Purohit says:

    Trophy should have been shared. For a world cup final not the right way to decide a winner

  17. Mhairi Smith says:

    438 game is the best

  18. Ali Mashraf says:

    Agreed. Only the SA-Aus semis from 99 CWC comes closer.

  19. Ian Connor Mcleod says:

    Seems like the black caps are always interlocked in those big drama matches

  20. Amitava Ghosh says:

    Ruined by the icc officials

  21. Lester Mashava says:

    Falls far short of the greatest! & it was a tie…

  22. Shiva Kumar says:

    And the trophy should have been shared as well.

  23. Yashraj Singh says:

    And the most scripted since the world cup started

  24. Nikhil Chirackal says:

    The “””” Rules””””” fly over the game…..
    Just rules…….👎

  25. Borhan Mohammad Borhan says:

    It was the Best Match that i have ever seen in my life..

  26. Tilak Malaviya says:

    Marred by poor umpiring by the not so elite panel

  27. Prajwal Kulkarni says:

    So dramatically you became a world champions indeed !!!

  28. Sheikh Yasir Ya Su says:

    But also an injust game due to some faulty laws of ICC.

  29. Amol Patil says:

    Try to hit more boundaries in test also…so you would be test champion also😃😂😛

  30. Moosa Aijaz says:

    It was second best because Aus vs SA at Johannesburg when SA chased 434 was the best

  31. Prakash Behera says:

    U also won the trophy by did some drama..it’s unfair win for English cricket team…the result should b for both team to share the trophy

  32. Muhammad Atif says:

    Done injustice with kiwis as well ……. By the I C C

  33. GaUrav Tikyani says:

    No ,,wc was deliberately given to england. Because of Such rubbish rules of icc, both teams should be declared winner

  34. Kamogelo Mochusi says:

    To show that England is a joke… They are happy to win a world cup on a technicality… And to show ICC is also a joke they change the rules after the world cup…

  35. Seán Ó Maoilriain says:

    Great to see an Irishman lift the World Cup Éire go brách! 🇮🇪🇮🇪

  36. Manasa Reddy says:

    I agree that it was dramatic but it’s not the best game of cricket.

  37. Kinshuk Singhania says:

    Nope!!! And I definitely don’t agree on deciding the winner on boundary count!!! 🤷🏼‍♂️ Plus the most dramatic was and still is the 434 vs 438

  38. Abdûs Sámàd says:

    The beat exciting match of Cricket history

  39. Ali Waseem says:

    It was probably the most dramatic and thrilling match of cricket but surely it was not “The”best game of cricket though it was among one of the best games ever played

  40. Mareeswaran Sethuraman says:

    Eoin Morgan you guys truly deserve to be the winner no matter what sort of criticism you were getting as the final went in a dramatic way .. You were really dominated and you guys proved that you are a tough team to beat in your home conditions ..

  41. Noman Zafar says:

    It was unfairly given to England through Ridiculous rule of boundaries . Had they won after another super over it would had been fair

  42. Sara Kumudu says:

    Poor umpiring. Poor decisions and very poor rules in icc. It was not a cricket day. It was a some rules

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