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49 Replies to “#OnThisDay in 1995, India gained their fourth Asia Cup name They limited Sri L…”

  1. Rajesh Salvi says:

    India is king of Asia cup💪💪

  2. Minesh Od says:

    I love my india 🇮🇳🇮🇳

  3. Ashesh Shukla says:

    Memorable victory.

  4. Suraj S Yadav says:

    Please subscribe my YouTube channel friend 🙏

  5. Ikbal Rakib Shuvo says:

    the lankans paid the rendians back later in 1996 world cup semi final in their home conditions 🤣 ..TIT 4 TAT 😂

  6. Malik Faisal says:

    All of them Mushfique was the best. He’s such a great batsman and good wicket keeper. And his batting skills is also good enough. Proud of him so much💜

  7. Malith Wijesinghe says:

    Rediculouse that you guys can’t find a proper Picture of – Sanath & Gurusinghe – they were not fat and round while they were playing the Asian Cup back then . 😭

  8. Amila Isura says:

    Premier 1996 World Cup semi final ind vs Sl
    1996 final

  9. Qazi Ibraheem says:

    very informative .this will help us fighting against Corona virus.

  10. ஜூட் அன்ரனைனஸ் says:

    Srilanka was more dominant in Asia cup! They have been qualified to final for 10 consecutive times from the beginning to 2010 editions including 11 times finalist and 5 times champion!!

  11. Siddhant Pradhan says:

    but ICC for your kind information this photo is from 1996 cricket World Cup where India lost two of two matches against SL and that semi-final at Eden Garden every Indian fans want to forget…so ICC don’t put gasolin on fire 🔥 😠😠😠

  12. Gkkg Jayashan says:

    Oh! Its a practice match for sri lanka.after 1year sri lanka win the world cup

  13. Anirudh Chatterjee says:

    The match was played at Sharjah .Sri Lanka scored 230-7 at the end of 50 overs ( AP Gurusinha 85, Venkatesh Prasad 10-1-32-2) and India in reply scored 233-2 at the end of 41.5 overs ( Mohammad Azharuddin 90*, Ramanayake 8.5-0-52-1).

  14. සනා says:

    are you drunk man ? Couldn’t you find any other photo of Sri Lankan cricket ?

    This photo of 🇱🇰 was taken in 2016 during a exhibition match.

  15. Ali Jan Khan says:

    All of them Mushfique was the best. He’s such a great batsman and good wicket keeper. And his batting skills is also good enough. Proud of him so much💜

  16. Zoya Farooq says:

    All of them Mushfiqur was the best. He is such a great batsman and good wiket keeper. And his bating skills is also good enough.proud of him so much 💜

  17. Md Ashik Iqbal says:

    malo tu jaye malo😆😆😆😆

  18. Nadia Nur says:

    Anyone single ?? 😍😍

  19. Rahul Baba says:

    Just a normal day in office

  20. Mohamed Rimaz says:

    So india had yellow and SL had orange before theu swapped

  21. Vikram Roy Vicky says:

    Very superb …….azar ,,,,-i like u

  22. SL used to be a strong team back then Esp in the sub continent conditions

  23. Sir Virat Kohli scored 300 this match

  24. Nur Muhammad says:

    When icc sponsor SG cricket bat🤣😂🤣😂

  25. Ratul Khan says:

    congratulations from a fantastic tea stall🙃

  26. Md Sanoar Hossen Prince says:

    Beautiful moment…i like India team…

  27. Abu Saleh says:

    Who is the last bowler ? And how many runs need in last over?

  28. Sonu Tiwari says:

    #4th title of Asia Cup. #Jai Hind.

  29. Ziyad Shoaib says:

    Worst kit ever in cricket’s history…. WC 96.

  30. Thusikani Damshika says:

    But sanath is best ❤🙏🇱🇰

  31. Saptarshi Maiti says:

    Ok, but wrong picture, these are 1996 wc photos, that is fine we beat them in 1995, but this JERSEY reminds the terrified semi-final of 1996 WC..

  32. Jarrod Mckenzie says:

    Like sri Lanka better better luck next year

  33. Kusal Senanayake says:

    Prior to 2015, the finals of icc events were reserved for one team. That team is Sri Lanka🇱🇰

  34. Ahsan Abrar says:

    We are looking forward to see the match of pak vs Ind 2nd march 2014

  35. Sami Ullah Ramzan says:

    Who was better match winner
    Mahela Jayawardane or Sachin Tendulkar ?

  36. Mudassar Iqbal says:

    So all major incidents happened in March and April. I am following icc page for many years but first time they’re posting about birthdays of players to world records.

  37. Adineni Pawan Kumar says:

    India is the Leading Asia Cup Title.

  38. Aiyan Afraim Kabir says:

    India Always do this.
    Beat A team in Asia cup final bt Get beaten by the same team In world cup final later…😂

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