Quiz – End the observation line

🔊 The Remark Quiz Do you keep in mind the following line of observation from those thrilling Males’s Cricket Global Cup encounters? You might have 10 seconds to bet the solution prior to it sounds as if! Move 👇


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38 Replies to “Quiz – End the observation line”

  1. Alisha Jahan Tisha says:

    Love ❤ Best wishes.

  2. Vinay Pawar says:

    Few crucial moments by teams lost their world cup winning chance a SOUTH AFRICA in 1999 icc cricket World Cup dropping Steve Waugh fielder Gibbs safe pair of hands

  3. Aveir Alam says:

    Aman Abrar you and i were born for this

  4. Ahmed AL Baloshi says:

    ian smith’ come commentary was fantastic nzvsind

  5. Vinay Pawar says:

    Last one not the best neither team won the last world cup entire 102 overs is tie mind u not a single extra run scored

  6. Shoaib Ali Shah says:

    Champion trophy final Amir Vs kholi 😤😤

  7. Mubashir Ahmad Khan says:

    3 for 3.

  8. Syed Muzammil Shah says:

    The page name should be changed to IQC -International Quiz Council. 😂😂😂

  9. Easin Ali says:

    Do you know how big celebrity people in our country, Rashid Khan, have chosen Rashid Khan to toll, boys, Rashi Kaku, floating in the grip of short-term improvement?
    Please send the message to Rashid Kaku

  10. Saim Raja says:

    in the air and gone not that important
    he is gone on the next ball
    Brillant from Ameer
    Pakistan cricket at its best
    One mins down next Min up🇵🇰

  11. Nipuna Chathuraka says:

    3 out of 5

  12. Chandegara Bhargav says:

    He dropped wc

  13. জুয়েল মাহমুদ সাদ্দাম says:

    3 out of 5

  14. Sarath S Tendulkar says:

    I got full mark

  15. Sayed Ahmed Mashrafe says:

    Grant Eliot, Superman

  16. He has dropped the world Cup

  17. Muhammad Rehan says:

    Grant elliot super man

  18. Chandegara Bhargav says:

    Next stop mumbai

  19. Manjunatheshwar Bhat says:

    Ian Smith s commentary was superb

  20. Såhïl Ümër says:

    By the Barest of margins…. These lines r still roaming around my ears n will never forget these

  21. Avinash Venkatraman says:

    carlos brathwaite!! carlos brathwaite ! remember the name! History for the west indies!! i miss this commentary!

  22. Nabuat Aiman Nadim says:

    3.barest of all margins,goes for hero.l

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