The Sangakkara-Jayawardene duo throughout codecs: Partnership innings ➜ 293 Runs …

The Sangakkara-Jayawardene duo throughout codecs: 🏏 Partnership innings ➜ 293 🏏 Runs ➜ 13,368 🏏 Reasonable ➜ 47.74 It’s the maximum prolific partnership in global cricket, with 36 century stands!


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27 Replies to “The Sangakkara-Jayawardene duo throughout codecs: Partnership innings ➜ 293 Runs …”

  1. Hasan Masrur Tanjil says:

    Best batting duo in cricket history

  2. Kartik Verma says:

    Sri Lanka was so dependant on these two and also dilshan that after they left international cricket sri lanka team suffered heavily

  3. Awdhesh Maurya says:

    Both are legends . Respect from india

  4. Mir Tanziul Tanmoy says:

    I used to find same player to bat before going and after coming from school!!!

  5. Avinash Dalai says:

    Hardworking was sanga and talented was Mahela. It’s my perception only. ✌️

  6. Gurpreet Singh Dhiman says:

    Heard of rahul dravid – sachin?

    Or sachin-ganguly

    Or kohli-rohit

  7. HP Helal Ahmed says:

    They have a lot to learn about the ticket wars and the tickets they have, and will never forget what they have done and record them really.

  8. Ajay Khadka says:

    Perfect duo for world cricket. I used love watching them playing together.

  9. Calvin Maimba says:

    Ari Lanka hasn’t yet recovered from the loss of the Sanga-Mahela partnership as well as Dilshan skills upfront

  10. Hasan Mahmud Riaj says:

    the two legendary figures that Srilanka as well as cricket will miss always.

  11. Maniwarne Marappan says:

    They world record partnership against South Africa was speak the volumes of their deeds.

  12. Raees Nawab Raees says:

    Best partners on batting crease ever.

  13. Harunur Rashid says:

    Two legend in a frame.They have given an entertainment to cricket lovers.Both of them will remain in the hearts of us.

  14. Atiqur Rahman says:

    They were like artists. We miss them in the art of cricket❤

  15. Rashedul Hasan says:

    They played the real cricket. great batsmen and legend of the game

  16. Devon Devesser says:

    What a legendary duo both on the field and off field, Gentlemen of the game we love ❤️🇱🇰

  17. Mehedi Hasan Papon says:

    I think the most stylish batsman in the world, Sangakkara is fascinated by my favorite player and game.

  18. Rikas Khan says:

    They played in a legendry era as well.. it was not easy to score like modern days🔥🔥

  19. Abhishek Pramanik says:

    Lankan DUO legends …
    love & respect from 🇮🇳

  20. HR Gurung Klc says:

    One of the most admired & successful pairs in International cricket, they shared prolific partnerships among themselves.

  21. Anuja Fernando says:

    The duo also holds the record for the
    highest partnership in test match cricket which is 624 runs against South Africa.🇿🇦I reckon this is the best partnership ever.🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰

  22. Shahab Ur Rahman Bhai says:

    Our childhood heros ❤️ love and respect from 🇵🇰

  23. Lakmal Sanjeewa Dissanayaka says:

    Legendary pair of greatest in International Cricket…proud to be a Sri Lankan.

  24. Lalith Kumar Subramaniam says:

    Best players for Sri Lanka !! Their signature shots are irreplaceable

  25. Shamim Ahmed says:

    They Were Very Talented Batsman…They Are Legend In World..More Respect & Love For Them…

  26. Rahul Sankruthyam says:

    Both were good batsmen mama indiya ven support from India

  27. Awais Hameed says:

    This prolifoc duo took Sri Lankan cricket to new heights and they earned worldwide respect not only for themselves and for their country but for the game of gentlemen as well.

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