Umar Gul returns 3/30 v Bangladesh | ICC T20WC 2014

⭐ 237 world appearances ⭐ 427 wickets ICC Males’s @T20WorldCup 2009 winner 🥇 Satisfied birthday, Umar Gul! He’s the fifth-highest wicket-taker in T20WC historical past, with 35 scalps in 24 video games. Here is his 🔥 efficiency in opposition to Bangladesh within the 2014 version!


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50 Replies to “Umar Gul returns 3/30 v Bangladesh | ICC T20WC 2014”

  1. Atanu Barman says:

    Just remember 2011 wc semifinal . 5 fours against Virender sewhag

  2. Kishore SteveSmith says:

    But leg stump out of the ground🤣🤣 in world cup final 2007 was fantastic for umar gaandul

  3. Abdus Saboor says:

    Best performance in 2009-10, especially in 2009 T20 WC. Coming in to bowl after 12 overs. He was the first Bumrah

  4. Asadul Hoque says:

    Happy birthday legend umar gul♥♥

  5. Sami Ullah Ramzan says:

    If Umar Gul was playing today Virat Kohli’s test average would have been 21.52 & ODI Batting average 29.45.
    His accuracy with sharp pace & bounce was difficult to handle

  6. Mohammod Nayon says:

    Happy Birthday to Umar Gul❤❤

  7. U A NaEem says:

    Happy birthday Umar Gul,,love from🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

  8. Pokhtoon Zalmey says:

    ICC we would love to watch his performance against Newzealand where he picked 5 wickets just conceding 6 runs.

  9. Raja Talha Ul Hassan says:

    Knee injury ruined his career. Those days when we lost 3 main bowlers (amir and asif) along with shoaib akhtar. He was the one who carried the bowling line up. I wished he could have recovered from his injury and had a proper end to his great career that he deserved.

  10. Feroz Khan says:

    Happy Birthday Gully bhai…. You are the gem of Pakistan fast bowling… your performances in 2007 and 2009 icc world t20’s can’t be forgotten….

  11. Nymul Islam Saykat says:

    237 international matches. 427 wickets. 13 wicket in WT20s 2007 & 2009(Most). 1st bowler to pick fifer in 3 format’s. 3rd best bowling figures in WT20s (5/6. Happy birthday Pakistan’s right arm first bowler #Umar_Gul🇵🇰❤👉🇧🇩🇧🇩

  12. Happy birthday father of fake-Finisher i.e MSD 🤣🤣
    King of Yorker ♥️

  13. Nadia Nur says:

    Happy birthday Umar gul best cricketer in Afganisthan..

  14. Bilal Khan Niazi says:

    Favourite bowler💝💝

  15. তারেক আবদুল্লাহ says:

    Who saw anisul haque??

  16. Shams Ulamin says:

    The only and only one T20 king 💪

  17. KHurraM SHãhzâD Mib says:

    but Pakistan lost his bowler

  18. Abdul Rehman Asad says:

    Tail enders ka dushman 😀

  19. Syed Jamal Shah says:

    happy birthday gul

  20. Asad Khan Niazi says:

    If someone loves umar gul no one forget world cup 2011 over to shane watson

  21. Jitender Dagar says:

    Good bowler specially for T20 against every batsman

  22. Fawad Humraz says:

    Hbd Gul💓💓

  23. Rafid Hasan says:

    happy birthday guli umar gul !

  24. Malik Akhtar Hussain says:

    Happy birthday❤️

  25. Jhon Wick says:

    Injuries ruined his career a great player in limited over cricket

  26. Mohammad Gulbahar Abbasi says:

    Happy birthday hero

  27. Md Masum Reja says:

    He is a great bowler in the world

  28. Abdul Sattar says:

    #Yorker__Machine ❤️❤️
    #Happy__Birthday 🎂🎉🎁

  29. Muhammad Imad Khan says:

    Pakistan owe alot of t20 success to Umar gul and Saeed Ajmal.

  30. Abdul Wahed says:

    Happy Birthday @Umor Gul

  31. Abdul Wahab says:

    BettEr ThAn Every IndiAn BoWler 😂😊

  32. Arpit Sinha says:

    Can someone tell all of a sudden why he is out of the team, he was a good bowler though

  33. Madhusudan Singh says:

    No one can forget his over to VIRU in semifinal #CWC2011

  34. M Yameen HinGorjo says:

    Happy Birthday The Legend of Pakistan he is all time my favourite Bowler

  35. Hamza Janjua says:

    His full lenght delivery was unplay able,Happy birthday to umer gul❤

  36. Zain Arbaz says:

    Happy birthday champion🎂🎂🎂
    Highest wickts taker in t20 world cup 2007 and 2009

  37. Pranjal Sinha says:

    Formidable, one word description for Umar Gul, I was always uncomfortable when he bowled to Indian batsmen 😅

  38. Salman Khan Aziz says:

    Happy birthday Umar gull
    Yorker specialist ❤❤❤

  39. Prince Tahir Khan says:

    One Best Bowler😍😍😘

  40. My childhood hero
    Feel happy when see him but unfortunately Pakistan is a type of country who loses their talents!
    Like Razaq ,Akhtar ,Fawad Gul , Yasir

  41. Rehan Khattak says:

    He i a very good person i also meet him him in acadmy HBD umar😍😍

  42. वसीम मेवाती जमालपुरिया says:

    Best yorker man bowler of his time
    2009 T20 world cup winner bowler

    Love and respect from hriyana India

  43. Jamil Khan says:

    Never forget the performence of UMAR GUL against newzealand ❤
    Happy birth day “guldozzer”❤❤

  44. Ishtiaq Ahmad says:

    Happy birthday Umar gull 2009 world cup to winning and such a great bowler the father of Yorker and a good spell to balling figure against newzleand 5/11 t20 world cup 2009

  45. Sourav Bala says:

    Happy birthday umar Gul…he is such a great baller….his balling line, length, seam, variation was outstanding🔥🔥🔥
    Love and respect from kolkata india❤️❤️🇮🇳🇮🇳

  46. सुदीप पोख्रेल says:


  47. Îkram Hasanzaî says:

    Happy birthday Umar Gul
    Love from Afghanistan 🇦🇫

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