Batsmen Backing Up Too A long way Is 'Mainly Dishonest': Ravichandran Ashwin, Ricky Ponting Talk about Mankading. Watch

Ravichandran Ashwin has printed his dialog with Ricky Ponting over the debatable ‘ – operating a batsman out on the non-striker’s finish earlier than the ball was once delivered – in a video on his YouTube channel. Ashwin courted controversy all over Indian Premier League (IPL) 2019 when enjoying for Kings XI Punjab he ran out Rajasthan Royals’ Jos Buttler on the non-striker’s finish. Ponting, whilst talking on a podcast lately, had mentioned that as the pinnacle trainer of Delhi Capitals, Ashwin’s crew for IPL 2020, the bowler to ‘Mankad’ a batsman. Ashwin had answered announcing with Ponting over the topic.

“The dialog between either one of us over the run out on the non-striker’s finish. The instant I did that, Ricky, you mentioned, even supposing you inquire from me, I can have the purpose of justification,” Ashwin mentioned in a talk with Ponting over a video name. 

“However it isn’t justification. To be fair, I’m a serial form of a run out man on the non-striker’s finish. I began on the age of 12, as a result of I could not take the batsman taking the ones further yards. 

“And the instant I did that, the spirit of cricket was once introduced into play. And also you have been a part of the committee that licensed the regulation. So, what is your tackle that?” Ashwin requested Ponting. 

Ponting sits at the MCC Cricket Committee, which chargeable for framing the regulations of the sport, and he reiterated his place as mentioned previous. 

“I wasn’t looking to say that you just have been justified, as a result of in truth all through the sport you’ll be able to’t do it,” Ponting spoke back. 

“Truthfully, we’ve got were given to check out and give you the chance round, looking to make the batsman prevent dishonest. As a result of that is mainly dishonest,” he added. 

Ashwin identified the penalty that bowlers get for overstepping relating to a no-ball and requested Ponting if an identical measures may well be followed for the non-striker. 


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“I feel there will have to be some form of run penalty,” Ponting mentioned. “In case you are to get to the highest of your bowling motion and it presentations that the batsman is dishonest, I feel put a run penalty on him. And do it proper from the beginning. 

“Taking 10 runs off the crew overall as a result of you could have taken a backyard from your crease – the ones form of issues wish to be checked out,” Ponting defined.

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